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The gregori Invasion is real

The Grigori invasion of Planet Earth is a real phenomenon. The Grigori first came to Earth approximately 10,000 BCE claiming a larde section of the Earth for themselves. the Grigori invasion is a continuation of the same force that invaded Mars and is responsible for the destruction of Mars. Their goal is to completely drain  the Earth of every living resource and to enslave its occupants The Grigori Invasion is real.CZPRzQ0WIAAQeOAgiants-Mundus-subterraneus (1)Gaawdz Symbol2


Mars the red planet colonized by Grigori Invaders

Mars the red planet colonized by Grigori Invaders


Mars the red planet is our closest neighbor and proof of a civilization existed on Mars as far as several million years ago. it’s pretty evident NASA keep these photographs hidden but there is documented evidence that there was an ancient civilization that live and Thrive and develop on Mars.Mars

So what happened to the thriving  civilization? Well it talks about this in the biblical account. Biblical authors talk about the Grigori Invaders who came here from their alien home world. They  spawned our myth of the Nephelim,  and Annunaki. This very same civilization initially invited Mars and there was a war on Mars.

Now the war on Mars ultimately destroyed  the population of Mars so that’s why we see remnants of a civilization and not an actual mars2civilization. We see a cover-up to where a civilization existed , we see structures,  we see buildings . We have even seen evidence of very human looking artwork. So we know that there has been Life on Mars where did this life go?  Again we go back to the biblical account we look after the Grigori Invaders who were really aliens were not Angels. These are Alien Invaders who came the Mars launched the war. In the Rig Veda they authors talk about a battle in the heavens.  What would a war between an advanced and a highly advanced civilizations look like?

Mars the red planet colonized by Grigori Invaders


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Hermes Trismegistus A Greek adapted persona identified with the Kemetic deity Thot. Thoth is the god of Magic and is credited to discovering language, mathematics, writing, summoning and spell casting. His collected knowledge is the greatest in all creation and only the highest trained were allowed to access his writings. His “Book of Thoth” was…

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